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Nasty hamm upgrade problems

OK, I upgraded a bo machine to hamm Thursday.  I encountered some
rather nasty problems.

First, apt crashed in mid-install due to a fvwm95 problem.  More on
that below.  But the nasty part is that by that time, the C++ library
that bo apt required had been purged and replaced with the hamm
version, so apt refused to run.  hamm has no apt version.  This is
incredibly stupid!  We are advocating people to use apt to upgrade,
and after the upgrade is complete, our package tool is the only bo
component left????!!!

Secondly, fvwm95 caused apt to crash with an E message.  Could find no 
good solution to this so dpkg --purged fvwm95.

xemacs19 caused a similar crash.  This one refused even to --purge.  I
ended up having to delete its prerm script.  Then it purged.  This is
very nasty.

Can we fix these please?


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