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Re: tech proposal to make manoj somewhat happy.

On Sat, Jul 25, 1998 at 10:16:52PM -0500, Petra, Kevin J Poorman wrote:
> 	c: the console install should be completly rewriten to include
> better error handleing and faster base install suport... mabye move from a
> tar archive to a cpio, or ar, or even zip archive... 

Faster base install support? How? I doubt the time difference
for .tar.gz versus .zip is noticable, and .tar.gz is more unix-like.
.tar.gz is typically smalling which definately lowers transfer times,
disk to memory and over the internet.

> debian should also have a firm and well known and loved logo. a contest
> should be held for this ... possibly debian should do as gimp does and
> offer a reward. ... 

Such as? Money?

> debian should also work to switch from the archaic man page format, by

Perhaps you could make your suggestions a bit less loaded; man might
use an archaic format for all I know, but it still works just fine for me.

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