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Re: RH and GNOME

Kysh Dragon <debian@dragonfyre.soark.net> wrote:
> Agh. People, -listen-. I'm trying to give an example here of something
> that won't happen, but -if it did-...


In case it's not obvious what I mean by that question:

What are you trying to accomplish?

Debian-devel is supposed to be a list where we tackle various technical
issues relating to our distributions.  Looking at the current threads,
I see a lot of discussions of things so remote from the current
situation that any decisions based on them would, at best, confuse
dealing with current situations.

Even more confusing, from your past responses you're not very interested
in hearing about any of the mechanisms that are already in place to
deal with the kinds of things you're hypothesizing about.

Please try and make time spent reading this list more meaningful.

Thank you,


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