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Re: Debian i386 freeze

>>"Alexander" == Alexander Yukhimets <aqy6633@is5.nyu.edu> writes:

 Alex> This is inherent discrimination imposed by GPL.  Somehow noone
 Alex> wants to see that...
 >> Oh, the GPL is inherently dicriminatory towards non free
 >> software. It is designed to be so. It is a wonderful virus that
 >> infects sowtware and attempt to make it free (and this is a good
 >> thing). 
 >> Your point?

 Alexander> Simple. DFSG does not allow discrimination against field
 Alexander> of endeavor.

	Quite true.  Freedom of software s not a field of
 endeavor. (What _is_ your point?)

 Alexander> And we bashing the software that says that
 Alexander> it is not allowed to be used on systems other then X
 Alexander> (remember?:).

	Actually, I don't, not the specifics. But yes, we can't have
 software that says (for example) do not use this on an amiga or a
 windows box. Nothing to do with freedom of software, AFAICS.

 Alexander> On the other hand, GPL explicitely discriminates the users
 Alexander> of and distributors for *free* OS'es in *favor* of those
 Alexander> using and catering for *non-free* ones.

	Of course. That is the basic idea. I don't understand what the
 contradiction is. In any field of endeavour, on any machine or
 operating system, irrespective pf caste, creed, skin colour, gender,
 sexual preference, birth, we (people who like the GPL) favour freedom
 of software obove promotion of proprietary, non-free software; we
 think it destroys the community we are part of. 

	I fail to see any contradiction. We hate non-free software,
 a major proponent (St. Ignatius) has been known to have called
 proprietary software evil. I am not entirely sure I disagree


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