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Re: package formats (was Re: RH and GNOME)

On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Enrique Zanardi wrote:

> I fear the LSB is going to mandate the use of rpm (the program) to help
> those poor ISVs of the world. If they are not going to use the "no
> standard package format, just functionality+translators" approach, I wish
> at least they choose to define the package format only, and let us use
> whichever tool we like best to build/install/manage it.

The LSB will mandate only the package format. I argued against such a
mandate, and actually had one other person agree with me, but we were
voted down by the Red Hat majority on the committee. While the format will
most likely be a "modified" RPM, we will have no problems with this as we
already have alien.

It is my position that it is far more important that the LSB mandate
library .so nameing conventions, and the names and places of the standard
components of a system, than that it declare a package format. We will
just have to wait and see...

Waiting is, 

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