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Re: RH and GNOME

On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, Kysh Dragon wrote:

> > >First off, I just grepped the RedHat page for 'jump words', 'jump' and
> > >'ump', and it turned up nothing. I don't see anything entitled 'jump
> > >words' anywhere on this page, infact.
> > 
> >     Really?  Bottom of the main page:
> > 
> > Feedback | Store | News | Support | Product Errata | About Us | Linux Info |
> > Search | JumpWords 
> > No Frames | Show Frames 
> Really? Bottom of the main page:
>   July 1998--CMPnet
>    Alpha + Linux = Supercomputer For Less
>    July 1998--Infoworld
>    Opinions: Who says you can't get support for Linux?
>    More items...
> ...
I don't know what you are using, but when I use lynx I see the following:

   More items...

   Feedback | Store | News | Support | Product Errata | About Us | Linux
                         Info | Search | JumpWords

and have no problems following the links to the information.

> >     Did you try (GASP!) *READING* the main page?  Wasn't all that hard to
> > find.
> I did try (GASP!) *READING* the page. I went over it for about twenty
> minutes to find that info before I even posted. I even considered using
> wget to recursively websuck their site and check locally.

I'm not sure what to do to improve your reading skills, but wget and
websuck aren't going to help.

> > >So.. I must ask you, what the heck are you looking at?
> > 
> >     The main page, right at the bottom, they have the standard ASCII "menu", 
> > end of the second line on my display.  Took me all of 10 seconds to find it
> > the first time, 2 to confirum it this time.
> Well, gee, willis, it certainly doesn't seem to be on my copy of the
> webpage. I can paste the whole bloody thing here, if you'd like, but I
> think that would be a huge waste of bandwidth for all concerned.
Specially since none of us have any problem with the page.

> > >And the RedHat webpages are definitely not valid in that respect.
> > 
> >     And your zealotry grows.  Right about now I'd be doing a *PLONK* if there
> > were email killfiles.  *sigh*  You're not worth a filter
> *Chuckle* And you're not worth a reply, but I thought I'd give you the
> courtesy due to someone of your rank. 
As with several other terms, you seem not to understand the concept of
courtesy, although you have a firm grasp of ranking.

As you are a newbee you are allowed an ignorant rant as an introduction to
the group. You have had more than your share. Instead of spending so much
effort flinging your ego about the lists, the rest of us would appreciate
it more if you would spend some time reading and possibly studying the
Debian documents that state our objectives and goals, as well as the
technical details of how we expect to get there. When you understand where
we are, your comments will have much greater value to the group. At the
moment you are wasting everyones time.

Waiting is, 

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