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KDE / QT / GPL etc. etc.

Here is a pragmatic solution.

The developers arew not in full and total agreement; there is controversy
over KDE distribution.

1.) Pull the KDE binaries and source out of hamm.  [If the snapshots
in hamm are old, people will complain until slink is released -
"Debian isn't releasing the latest KDE" ... [For people read new

2. Pull the binaries out of slink. Most of the source is GPL but
reliant on QT to build.

3. If KDE requires QT libraries to build, leave these in non-free.

4. Post a warning in the docs for the source that there remains
some doubt as to distribution - hence source only.

5. Put, via Coolo if necessary, our position to the KDE developers.
   Ask them if it is feasible to put the added exemption in
   upstream source.

One of my colleagues says debian-devel is full of back room lawyers.
[As someone legally trained, I resent this !!]  If we stand by
the DFSG, that's OK.  The strategy above will delay any controversy
until the release of slink.  This gives us time to clarify licensing
issues.  This discussion will remain on our mailing list archives
- if anyone queries this, we can point them there.

Andy [Prospective new maintainer, if I can ever find a Debian developer
in real life to sign my key.]

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