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Re: Smail (was: qmail -- any alternatives and status of qmail)

On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Witwerg the Sage wrote:

> I know the sendmail is very insecure, but I was wondering about smail?
> Is it more secure, and does it support to features this some here have
> been
> asking about, but don't want to run sendmail. I've been asking around,
> but I haven't recieved a good answer yet( or I
> accidentally deleted it :-/).

Back around 8.8.2, I got sick of Sendmail's security holes and started
looking around for alternatives. I settled for Smail, because it can be
used as a plug-in replacement if you don't expect to do anything fancy.

At the time, I did a search for security holes in Smail but only came up
with old ones that were apparently plugged; at least I couldn't reproduce
the results. Maybe I'm just an incompetent cracker, but there were no
security problems with Smail during the time we used it, so I don't think

It worked fine. Later I decided to forgive Sendmail and switched back, but
I wouldn't be surprised if Smail is still running on some of our boxes.


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