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Re: Bug reporting proceedure, was Re: Bug#24066: libc6: rsh segfaults as , a result of new libc 2.0.7r2

Pat Kennedy <hacman@iquest.net> wrote:
> Just from the point of view of a typical user, eg, me.... just doing
> a quick scan of the debian-user archives doesn't take all that long.
> They're very up-to-date, usually just a day or so behind. Browsing
> the archives with navigator presents a nice threaded layout, easily
> scanned in a few minutes. Besides, you might actually learn something
> in spite of yourself. And if you find an answer, you'll conserve Net
> bandwidth + make it easier for the next user to perhaps find HIS
> answer in the > 100 emails/per day posted to debian-user.


And, if it's feasable to check the bug archives, you should check those
as well.

http://www.debian.org/Bugs (skip down a bit, enter the package name,
then browse).

But that's a recommendation, not an iron-clad rule.  Once you've
successfully reported some real bugs, I think we should trust your
judgement some, too.  If you find yourself in the akward position of
having information that looks like a significant bug, but not having
a system which is capable of checking the bug-tracking system for
outstanding reports against that bug, it's sometimes still worthwhile
filing that bug report.

There's a certain amount of judgement that's required here. For example,
if it's something that's likely to hurt someone else, it's much more
important than if it's something that won't hurt anyone and is easy to
work around.

Good luck,


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