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Re: Amanda on bo

In article <19980714074253.F387@datom.de> you wrote:

: : I just downloaded the amanda packages from bo-unstable, however the
: : amanda-common package requires netbase >= 3.03, but this does not appear
: : to be available?  Does anyone know if this version is available for bo, or
: : if it is necessary.  If it is not necessary, how can I avoid the dependacy
: : problem?

: Use `dpkg --force-depends -i amanda*deb', this worked here for me.  (The
: dependency on netbase is hardwired in the package build process, AFAIR.
: Amanda worked for me here for months, w/o netbase being >= 3.03.)

The issue is the delivery of /etc/services entries.  I'll append the relevant,
though very old, entry from the amanda changelog for Debian... 

If you manually take care of getting the right entries in /etc/services, you
should be fine doing a force-depends to override the netbase dependency.
But, upgrade to hamm for greatest satisfaction... :-)


amanda ( unstable; urgency=low                             
  * non-maintainer release (never actually uploaded)
  * libc6                              
  * make amanda and amanda-client depend on netbase (>=3.03) for /etc/services
    entries.  Remove /etc/services mashing from postinst.  Closes bugs 12847,
    12848, 13795.
  * make amanda depend on amanda-client.  This is the easiest way to resolve
    the overlapping files problem.  It makes the assumption that if you're
    running an amanda server, you'll want the client stuff anyway so you can
    back up the server.  Since the client package is small, this seems like a
    better resolution than splitting out a third "common" package.  Closes   
    bugs 11046, 11943.                                                  
  * update all references to /etc/amandates and /etc/dumpdates to use    
    /var/lib/*dates, ala current Debian dump package.  Closes bug 15586.
  * pre-apply all the patches from the upstream archive, to simplify the
    build process.  Patches applied include: arithexc.diff,exclude2.diff,
    longopt.diff, and srvcomp2.diff.  Closes bug 13151, 13796.
  * convert rules file to use debhelper.
 -- Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com>  Sat, 10 Jan 1998 02:08:02 -0700    

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