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Re: x and non-x binary in 1 packet ?

On Sun, Jul 12, 1998 at 08:18:11PM +0200, Christian Hammers wrote:
> Now I'm wondering how to package this. slang-source is a binary-all 
> package, that's clear.


> But the libs normaly are an essential part of jed (without you can edit, 
> but nothing more...)
> I would prefer to make one binary package with jed,xjed and the .slc (lib) 
> files, but where to put it ? In /editor/ and /x11/ at the same time ?
> Or should I split into jed.deb, xjed.deb, jed-lib.deb and 
> jed-lib-source.deb ?

I'd say make two binary packages, one non-X + .slc files, and one with just
xjed that depends on the non-X one.

I say this because I've got a couple of non-X (or should be non-X) systems
where I've got jed installed precisely because it's lightweight.  Having to
have xlib6g is an annoyance (though not a terribly big one).

On the other hand, we used to have emacs and emacs-nox, and those eventually
got merged because it was determined that the xlib wasn't too big a demand
to make.


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