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Re: fistfight between libc6-dev and joystick

On Thu, 9 Jul 1998, Branden Robinson wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 09, 1998 at 05:12:37PM -0400, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > Package: joystick
> > Version: 0.8.0-4
> > 
> > Joystick should place joystick.h in /usr/include/linux/modules instead of
> > the current location in /usr/include/linux, which conflicts with
> > libc6-dev.
> Why did you close this bug if joystick is still doing something it
> shouldn't?

I resubmitted the above in place of the bug I was closing. I did not now
that there were several other bugs "merged" with this one, and they were
closed before I knew what was going on.

I did submit the above back to the bts, to keep the issue alive.

> > /usr/include/linux/ is supplied by the kernel headers, and does not
> > contain joystick.h. It is not clear to me why dpkg removes it, as
> > libc6-dev doesn't claim to own it, but, in any case, the correct location
> libc6-dev: /usr/include/linux
> libc6-dev claims to own it on my system.
Yes, I know this, but that doesn't mean that it should own
/usr/include/linux/joystick.h does it?

Packages create /usr/local directories without burning what is in them. I
guess I don't understand the dpkg internals on this issue.

> > for this file is /usr/include/linux/modules, which dpkg does not "clobber"
> > when installing libc6-dev.
> [...]
> > This will require that programs that "expect it there" will need to start
> > looking in the right place ;-)
> *sigh*
> > As a workaround, can you move the joystick.h file by hand into the correct
> > place, and adjust your includes accordingly?
> No.  I build X on master.  I don't have root on master.  And I didn't want

Someone with root access can do this for you can't they?

In any case the joystick package should be fixed.

This is a special case module that is not "truely" part of the kernel.
(That is, the kernel source does not provide the headers, or the module)

It is my understanding that /user/include/linux/modules is for just those

> to hack up the sources to look in a ridiculous place for the file, like
> /debian2/tmp/branden/joystick.h.
Certainly not a good idea ;-)


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