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problems untarring xfree86 sources (was Re: Hamm Bug Stamp-Out List now on www)

Raul Miller <rdm@test.legi-slate.com> wrote:
> > Fourth, I was going to pull down a copy of the source from
> > ftp.debian.org, (to a solaris machine that has plenty of free disk space
> > and is generally being unused), but.. it downloaded without errors, it
> > uncompressed without errors, but when I tried to untar it, tar died
> > before it got to the xdm sources complaining of "directory checksum
> > error".

Branden Robinson <branden@purdue.edu> wrote:
> That, I don't understand.  Incompatibility between GNU tar and Sun tar??

Maybe, it's going to take me a while to figure out.  dpkg -s tar
doesn't indicate any source package, ftp.debian.org doesn't have
a tar source package, the copyright file doesn't indicate where the
original sources came from (so I'm still trying to figure out
how to build tar on solaris).

Which is why I'm sending a copy of this message to the bug tracking


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