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Re: tcpd with xinetd

->        3.  The address check is based on the IP  address  of  the
->            remote  host and not on its domain address. We do this
->            so that we can avoid remote  name  lookups  which  may
->            take  a  long time (since xinetd is single-threaded, a
->            name lookup will prevent the daemon from accepting any
->            other  requests  until  the  lookup is resolved).  The
->            down side of this scheme is that if the IP address  of
->            a remote host changes, then access to that host may be
->            denied until xinetd is reconfigured.   Whether  access
->            is  actually  denied or not will depend on whether the
->            new host IP address is among those allowed access. For
->            example,  if  the  IP  address  of a host changes from
->   to  and  only_from  is  specified  as
->   then access will not be denied.
-> Now, how can I allow access from *.utwente.nl to my host? Or from *.nl? As
-> I read the above paragraph, this is something xinetd can't do. With tcpd,
-> one can allow access from *.student.utwente.nl while denying access from
-> the rest of *.utwente.nl, with only two (obvious) lines. In xinetd.conf,
-> this would be a lot more difficult since *.utwente.nl is -
-> and *.student.utwente.nl is -
-> And how would I allow access to a particular service from *.nl while
-> denying access to that server from the rest of the world? This may seem
-> senseless, but AFAIK it's something xinetd can not easily do.
-> If the above is not true, please guide me to a source of information that
-> tells me how to do domain name based access control with xinetd.
-> Note that I am a happy xinetd user. This is just a feature that I miss
-> sometimes.

Try my patch :) 
of course you'd need to recompile tcpd with that :(
but it works on my machines and I happyly use xinetd and tcpd together
joining their advantages
 Matus "fantomas" Uhlar, sysadmin at NETLAB+ Kosice, Slovakia
 BIC coord for *.sk; admin of netlab.irc.sk; co-admin of irc.felk.cvut.cz

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