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Re: non-free and "cd-ok", again

joey@kuolema.Infodrom.North.DE (Martin Schulze) writes:

> Before this discussion grows into a big thread we should consider
> what we want.  Do we want to produce a _free_ Linux distribution or
> do we want to make life easier for cd vendors?
Why should these goals be opposed to each other?  And why should it be
so difficult to actually do both, especially since making life of CD
vendors easier would simply be a matter of setting up two directories
on the FTP site which distinguish between "distributable on CD" and
"non-distributable on CD"?  And why not consider this as a service to
the possible customer and end user of such CDs?  I for one would not
like to see things simply not included just because a lazy vendor
didn't bother evaluating the contents.  This should IMHO be easily
avoidable and i don't see why this should be so difficult?

                   Thanks and now back to work, P. *8^)
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