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Modem Script Generator

I'm new to debian linux so I thought I'd ask here about the usefulness of
what I am trying to develop. I have used Slackware for a couple years now
and at my new job I am finally learning to program well. I always
remembered in Slackware when I first started trying to set up PPP, it was
almost impossible. Most ISPs don't have linux modem dialup scripts so I
was forced to hunt and hunt until I found one that I could modify to my
needs. Now that I realize the practical applications of some programming
languages, I figured it would be nice for newbies to have a simple perl
script that asked them all the information needed about their ISP and
connection and all and then create a PPP dialup script. I looked through
debian and didn't see one, but like I said, I'm new to debian so if I
overlooked one sorry to post a big message thats useless. 

On a more personal note, I have been reading this and other debian lists
for a week or so now and I am very impressed with the cooperation and lack
of hostile flames and such. It really encourages me to see such an open
(hmm, they don't call debian open for nothing i suppose :) enviroment for
both programmers and newbies.

Michael Giardino

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