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Re: /usr/bin -> /bin changes

Santiago Vila wrote:
> > Also the link from /var/adm to /var/log has vanished.
> Hi. This is documented in /usr/doc/base-files/README.
> No package should use /var/adm anymore. If neded, file a bug report.
> Thanks.

That doc says:

| You will notice that this package does no longer contain the symlinks
| /var/spool -> /usr/spool  or  /var/adm -> /var/log.
| We removed them during the unstable stage of hamm (Debian 2.0), so that we
| could discover all packages still using the old directories.

I thought we had planned to put them back in just in time for the stable
release of 2.0, so any non-debian stuff that needs them will still function. 
Isn't it about time to make that change, then?

see shy jo

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