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Re: xterminal alternatives.

>>>>> "Masato" == Masato Taruishi <taruisma@sunicom.co.jp> writes:

    Masato> Now I'm using many X terminals such as xterm, rxvt and
    Masato> kterm, but when invoking programs that need "text" using
    Masato> Debian Menu on X, it invokes xterm. I hope they are
    Masato> invoked using any X terminal I want, so we'd better make
    Masato> xterminal alternatives.

This is a good idea. 

The kterm and rxvt (any others?) developers could get together with
Branden Robinson (the current X maintainer) to get an update-alternatives
method set up to divert the xterm entry -- or perhaps just a generic
"x-terminal" symlink to whichever terminal one wants.


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