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Re: Upgrade_release_notes

On Mon, 29 Jun 1998, Bob Hilliard wrote:

>      Before beginning the upgrade, you must set up apt's configuration
> file, /etc/apt/sources.list.  Comment out the default deb http: lines,
> and add the folowing line at the bottom of the file: 
>      deb file:/cd/hamm hamm contrib
> (This assumes that your CD is mounted on /cd - modify this as necessary.)

This really should read 
  deb file:/cd stable main contrib
AFAIK (I have not seen the cd layout). The above assumes that you have 

Also, I recommend the following instead.

  Before beginning the upgrade you must set up apt's configuration file,
/etc/apt/sources.list. Add as the first line,
  deb file:/cd stable main contrib
If you do not yet have internet access (or do not want to download
any new security fixes) on the machine then comment out the
other two lines. Otherwise you may select a closer mirror.

This will allow people to stick in a CD and then upgrade to 2.0rx in a
single shot without duplication of installation (it also allows us to fix
and foobars). APT will use the CD in preference to any sites listed after
the CD. I feel it is very important (given the utmp problem) that all
users have the non-US site available so ssh and ssltelnet can be upgraded.

>      Then run: apt-get update
>                apt-get dist-upgrade
>                apt-get install timezones locales

Is it worth mentioning -f here? Many bo systems will need to use it on the
dist-upgrade line. Also, please, please stress that the user should
inspect the list of packages that APT wants to remove and be sure that is
okay, and mention the essential packages that are OK to remove (the e2fs

This is my big warning - 
  If APT lists lib* in the list of essential packages to remove then it is
  very likely you will hose your system by continuing.

Perhaps also include a pointer to the user's guide in /usr/doc/apt.


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