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Re: Time for some Clarity (KDE, Qt, Open Source...)

   robert havoc pennington <rhpennin@midway.uchicago.edu> writes:

   > >   A easy to set up X windows system.  When setting up the display the
   > > system will automatically get the appropriate server with out the need
   > > of the user having to chose which one.

   > All the user has to do is refer to their computer's documentation and tell
   > xf86config what kind of card they have. As I understand it this is
   > basically the best that can be done, due to hardware limitations, without
   > limiting users to cruddy 640x480 standard VGA modes. 

   This can and should be fixed.  I should not have to type the name of
   my video card when the name already appears in /proc/pci.

Not all video cards are PCI based.  What about ISA and AGP and
non-Intel buses?

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