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Re: xterm-debian terminfo entry

On Wed, 24 Jun 1998, LeRoy D. Cressy wrote:

> Alexander E. Apke wrote:
> > 
> > 
> >         I did not want this to be set in the terminfo entry, but rather
> > added as the default configuration to debian's xterm.  My reasoning is
> > that since the terminfo entry has changed, why can't other configuration
> > settings.  I remember there was a complaint that the debian xterm was
> > straying away from the standard, and that is why the default colors were
> > switched back to black on white from white on black.
> Please, don't go changing the local setup of the users without first
> asking permission to change.  I for one did not like the surprise change
> in the past.  Let's try to keep all surprises down to a minimum.

	Well, I guess the original change was to close a very
longstanding bug report.  That was hamm when it was unstable, so
normal users should not have encountered that change.

	I propose xbase allowing people to choose between black or white
background during postinst or maybe in some kind of xbaseconfig script.

	I know the plan for X is to break up xbase into many smaller
pieces, so the configuration option could be available in the future xterm


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