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Re: RFC: worth packaging apache-modperl ?

--On Sat, Jun 20, 1998 12:39 am -0400 "Dan Jacobowitz" <drow@false.org>

> Will do, then.  This leaves me one big question, though.  This is going
> to require mixing four things:
> (A) apache 1.3.0
> (B) netgod's massive apache diff
> (C) mod_perl upstream -- probably going to version it by date and use
> the CVS tree instead of the rarer new releases.
> (D) My own diff for this project.
> Any ideas on how to handle this?  dpkg still doesn't handle multiple
> source tarballs so I'll probably have to make an orig containing apache
> and mod_perl,, and just use netgod's diff as the basis for mine.  Or I
> could apply his diff to the orig since it's not my work, and work on
> top of that.
> Slightly puzzled.

Personally, I considered this option as well, and decided that it was
probably not worth the effort, since they are 'so close' to having proper
DSO support.

I suspect that most people who really need mod_perl in a hurry have the
expertise to compile it themselves (its pretty straight-forward now).

However, if you do want to do it, email me and I'll tell you what I think
needs doing..


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