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Re: tetex-bin install bug ?

christoph.martin@uni-mainz.de writes:

> Omegaman <omegam@cmq.com> writes:
> No, editing /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf is the wrong way. The format of it
> changed completely.

So I should probably copy texmf.cnf.dpkg.dist over the orignal and
edit to my system (if needed).  No problems so far at any rate.
> Did the installation process of tetex-bin ask you if you want to
> replace texmf.cnf and you said no? I just found out about this problem

Nope.  It didn't ask.  What's debian's policy when an upstream
update changes config files and thus breaks a package?

> and wrote a fix for this, so that the new file is installed
> anyway. But you have to merge in your changes by yourself (using
> texconfig).

I'll try an apt-get ugrade
Thanks for replying.  I'll grab the latest tetex packages and let you
know if it doesn't work as we expect.

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