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Re: Bug Terrorism

Scott Ellis wrote:
> No, you're not hiding this on the bug tracking system any more.

Neither are you.

> The reason that sendmail broke is that you made a DELIBERATE modification
> to procmail that sendmail wasn't expecting.  While I agree that sendmail

That's just simply true.  If you have a short memory, let me remind you that
sendmail's default MDA in bo is, surprise deliver.  So it is perfectly
reasonable to have procmail not setuid on a bo system, which is what I did.

> should probably be more graceful about handling it, it is not a
> release-critical error.  A vast majority of people (like everyone but you) 

It is release-critical because during the upgrade to hamm, without warnings,
sendmail started to use something that can't be used as an MDA.

> don't go breaking procmail for the fun of it.  It is NOT SENDMAIL's FAULT
> that you broke it's MDA.  I really don't understand why people want to
> blame sendmail when they do stupid things like this.

It is sendmail's fault because it changed its default behaviour without telling
anyone and it broke.

> I'm sorry, but I really think you're being an ass over this.  You've been
> provided with a workaround to make sendmail use deliver.  I will provide
> it again in case you can't look it up in the bug tracking system.

I've provided you with a simple fix, do a stat in sensible-mda to determine
whether it is setuid or not, if it's not, skip it.

> define(`LOCAL_MAILER_PATH', `/usr/bin/deliver')
> define(`LOCAL_MAILER_ARGS', `deliver -r $g $u')
> define(`LOCAL_MAILER_FLAGS', `DFMlmns')

It's not my problem, I've removed procmail.  The bug is that if anyone has a
*bo* system where procmail is installed but not setuid and they uupgrade to
the sendmail from hamm, hell will break loose.

> Both the maintainer and I (as a concerned third party and maintainer of
> deliver) don't think this is important enough to hold up hamm.

But I do.

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