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Re: License question

   Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu> writes:

   >    PilRC is freeware.
   >    ...
   >    Source code is available.  You are free to make enhancements, but please
   >    send the changes back to me so I can fold them into the main sources.
   > I see no problems with either clause, but what did you leave out in
   > the ...?  (Or is there a literal ... in the license?)

   Nothing of consequence.  The README file (from which that came) says
   at the top "PilRC" is freeware, and then down below, it has those
   other two lines.  It says nothing else about any license issues.

Gotcha.  Well, I think that the license could be made more explicit
about permitting redistribution, etc., but as is I don't see any
actual problems.

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