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Building a connection with Kachina Tech.

I don't know how many of you saw the posting Nils made to debian-announce
a while back, so I will give some background:

Kachina Technologies is strongly interested in Debian Sparc for the
hardware they distribute. They are offering resources for this effort with
the goal being a "commercial" grade Debian distribution.

I have tentatively offered my services to coordinate the effort with the
Chief Operations Officer of Kachina Tech, Ward Deng. He immediately
provided me with a logon to one of their machines where the development
will commence, and has expressed a willingness to provide accounts for
anyone wishing to help with the project.

Kachina Technologies is willing to provide hardware resources and any
other help we might need to make this project a reality. They have even
offered heavily discounted (50%) prices on development machines for
"selected" developers.

I don't think I have to say too much about the advantages to Debian of
having a commercial company promote our product. With very little "proof"
of success, this company is willing to put its resources into this venture
in the hopes of gaining a Quality Product that they can use to increase
the value of their Customer Solutions. We can only benefit by their

At this point I am primarily interested in who, in the Debian community,
is willing to contribute to this project? My interest falls into three

	1. Anyone currently maintaining a SPARC package.

	2. Anyone who has ever worked on a SPARC before.

	3. Anyone who feels they are ready to learn about SPARC systems.

These are listed in priority, but the project will need help from varying
levels of skill, so an interest is more important than a skill. (This is
not meant to reduce the importance of skills ;-)

If there is enought interest from the group, I will commit to the
coordinator's job, and we can begin work.

The first task will be to convert the current development machine from
RedHat to Debian...

Please contact either myself or Ward Deng <wdeng@KachinaTech.COM> if you
have an interest in contributing to this effort.

Waiting is,

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