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Re: guavac bug #22325

On Wed, Jun 10, 1998 at 10:05:05AM -0400, Brian White wrote:
> > Bug #22325, marked important, says that my package guavac has an
> > unsatisfied suggestion on java-virtual-machine. I need your
> > advice on what to do about it.

> I'd do either:
> 1) ignore the "suggests" problem

I think this will have to be the plan of action. It doesn't
build in g++ 2.8 with libstdc++2.8/libg++2.8, it almost builds on
g++272 with libg++272-dev but not quite, presumably because
the autoconf stuff tests some things using `g++' (2.8) but
then the code gets compiled with g++272, and I'm not too sure
how to work around this.

Unfortunately we don't really seem to support concurrent
2.7.2 and 2.8 development, since the -dev packages conflict.

> 2) repack the existing package to remove the "suggests" line.

How do you mean `repack'?

Since it's a valid virtual package name I'm not even convinced
it's a bug in any package at all. May I change it to wishlist?

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