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Re: so what? Re: Debian development modem

On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, Ian Jackson wrote:

> So, in detail:
> Every three months (fixed date) we copy the current `unstable' into
> `frozen'.  At this point `stable', `frozen' and `unstable' should all
> stay interoperable both in source and binary form.

I fully agree on the idea, but IMHO 3 months is a too short delay.
Several reasons to this (in no precise order):

- All the other free systems have a bi-yearly release (OpenBSD, NetBSD,
RedHat, probably others)

- We'd spend too much time in a year during "freeze periods", and the
time put into releasing packages for frozen would be better used for
improving the unstable release.

- 3 months is a delay that is too short for the CD Manufacturers who are
shipping Debian. After a release it will take something like 2 weeks for
new CDs to hit shelves everywhere and most people won't buy a CD if they
know it will be obsolete in less than 1 month, so with a release every 3
months, the actual "selling period" for CDs drops to 1.5 month.

I'd in favor to increase the delay between releases to 6 months. (Or at
the very least 4 months: most people won't want to upgrade their machines
more than 3 time a year)

> If it's not fine with you then let's not hold up the releases -
> instead, go and fix those packages.

I loved the idea to have a list a critical bugs to fix for a long time.
However, now I think about it, this concept is broken: If we have a
critical bug, it should be fixed ASAP, and not be put on a list of things
to be fixed refore the release. However we need to improve the work (and
members list) of the QA & testing team to make sure not too many serious
bugs go in the released versions...


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