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Re: Bug#22928: New upstream security fix release

Gregory S. Stark <gsstark@mit.edu> wrote:
> Would this be the default TERM value for xterm? I assume you realize
> that this means any user telnetting from a debian machine to any other
> distribution or OS will not get a useful terminal.

If you read the howto, you'd see that there was a handling for this.

Though, personally, I think the right thing to do would be to call the
entry xterm-vt220.

> I think this is an truly awful idea, instead we should simply not make local
> customizations beyond the necessary BackSpace/DEL handling. Few programs
> depend on the setting of the kdch and many other machines also use DEL for
> BackSpace, so really that isn't a problem. Just resist the temptation to
> customize various other keys and you'll avoid problems.

The problem is that xterm doesn't provide for a distinct key to resolve
this issue.  So we have to choose between compatability with the console
or compatability with other systems.  Currently, we don't even offer the
choice of being compatible with the console (which has the extra key).

> PS: I'm sorry for ignoring your expressed wish not to be told it was a bad
>     idea, but, well, it's  just that it's a really really really bad idea.

You're not allowed to say that it's a bad idea before knowing what the
idea is.  I'd like to recommend that you read the howto (linked 

The link to the howto is at the bottom of the xsf page:


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