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Re: kernel 2.0.34 and hamm

Raul Miller wrote:
> Jim <jim@laney.edu> wrote:
> > Speaking as a debian advocate, it would be highly embarrassing to try
> > to explain something like "Oh yeah, the new kernel is there, but you
> > can't use it yet since ..." where ... stems from the person's need for
> > some dependant package. Example: say he needs pcmcia.
> How is this different from bo, where we also had three kernel versions
> available and only had pcmcia modules for the first two?
Precisely, in bo the boot-floppies had to disable pcmcia because it was
broken. I guess you never had to install using a pcmcia network card.
If we make changes to the kernels, let's make sure there is no broken
dependent package.

Luis Francisco Gonzalez <luisgh@cogs.susx.ac.uk>
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