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Re: Documentation/License freeness

On Jun 08, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> I can't imagine why people are afraid that other people will change the
> standards. Why should anybody try to apply essential changes to, for
> example, the FSSTND?

Dunno.  But a lot of people have a copyright restriction in the document to
make sure that the actual integrity of the standard remains intact (see, for
example, the W3C's standards for HTTP and HTML).

I don't think we adversely impact the "freeness" of the distribution by
including text that should not be modified before it is redistributed; you
are always free to add additional text somewhere else to address technical
concerns in the documents, for example.  And a documentation package that is
not up-to-date can always be dropped from the distribution.

Apologies for not being a free documentation fanatic (even though I do write
free software),

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