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Re: Problems with the undead (zombies)

On Sun, Jun 07, 1998 at 11:07:47AM -0700, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> >>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen Carpenter <sjc@delphi.com> writes:
>     Stephen> I was hacking around on xfstt earlier today.
>  Neat.  I packed up the ttf files from the Windows[1] that came with
>  my Laptop, and am going to try them with `xfstt' after I get Debian
>  2.0 installed on it.  :-)

as some pointed out xfstt might be abit of a memory hog (maybe a leak) but..
it does work nice with Windows fonts and makes Nutscrape look nice.
>     Stephen> This SEEMS to work fine (I havn't really given it a good
>     Stephen> test -YET) except when I connect and then
>     Stephen> disconnect...the child exists (via _exit(0)) after the
>     Stephen> client disconnects. The problem is that the child then
>     Stephen> become a zombie.
>     Stephen> I installed a signal handler for SIGCHLD which does
>     Stephen> nothing what should I do? how can I make th eparent clean
>     Stephen> up its little zombie children?
>  You can tell it to `IGN' SIGCHLD, and get automatic reaping, if I
>  remember right.

Yes I found that in a book..it worked...as I said in anothe rmessagem,
I was confused by the terminology of some docs using "ignore" to mean 2
differnt things (1 being no action is taken like dumping core or
stopping execution of you rprogram, 2 being actually 
telling the system "ignore this")

>  Read `man wait', `man sigaction', and any xrefs you find there.  The
>  `info libc' is very good.  You can use `M-x info-look' in emacs, with
>  the cursor on a symbol, and it will go and find the documentation on
>  the symbol in the info.

I will have to check it out, thanx for the tip :)
>  Buy, beg, borrow, or steal a copy of W. Richard Stevens' "Advanced
>  Programming in the Unix Environment".  It covers signal handling, and
>  lots more.

hmmm I supose I can buy a copy...I had seen that book on a shelf at Microcenter
and considered it...now that I have heard this good review I guess I will buy 
it (I will try begging them for it, but I doubt they will give it to me just 
for my looks and sob story...and stealing it...well Im just not into that)

> Footnotes: 
> [1]  I also snagged the `monitor*.inf' files; so I can get the scan
>      rate for my lcd panel laptop display.  I wonder if it's legal to
>      run a perl processor on that and convert it to an XFree86
>      compatible monitor database, then distribute it?

Sounds interesting...if you can figure it out go for it :)
The problem is I have one of those for my monitor and...it is sorta hard to 
figure out I thought... but I supose they do have the info
(BTW it might be better to just distribute the prog for doing it...that
way people can do it with new monitors they get)


** Stephen Carpenter ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** sjc@delphi.com **
"Maturity is often more absurd than youth and very frequently is most 
unjust to youth"
-- Thomas Edison 

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