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Re: Tools the Parse config files (was Re: Linuxconf)

On Tue, Jun 02, 1998 at 02:52:50PM +0300, Shaya Potter wrote:

> For the fact that we would need to write a parser for all our conf files. I
> think that might be overkill, as many of our conf files are probably just
> some files with a variable or two.  i.e. the structure of the config file is
> constant just with a change in the "variables".  It shouldn't be too hard to
> set up a example linuxconf module that shows how to set up a simple form
> that accepts input and place them into the proper slots in a model config
> file.  This example module could be easily modfiable for all the appropriate
> uses.  Other things are obviously more complicated, but that might knock off
> a big chunk of our conf files.

Actually there's another pov.  Back in Cologne Winni Truemper described his
view of configuration files - as tables, tables with certain delimitors and
certain formats and tables within tables.  How does one process tables
nowardays?  Right: Use some SQL for accessing and modifying it.  Ok, it
needs some definitions first, but mainly you don't have to write a parser
for everything but define it generally.  We'll see if and how this is



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