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Re: Hamm install on laptop

On Fri, Jun 05, 1998 at 06:54:26PM -0400, Brandon Mitchell wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Steve Tonnesen wrote:
> > I'm getting unresolved symbol errors when cardmgr tries to insmod the
> > 3c589_cs module for my 3Com PCMCIA ethernet card.  Is this a problem with
> > the boot disks, and/or is there a solution for this?  The laptop is an AST
> > Ascentia J series, and the card is a 3C589C.
> This was just reported a while ago on debian-testing by
> stephen.p.ryan@dartmouth.edu, I don't know if he had a solution, but he
> filed a bug report and the boot disks maintainers follow the list and
> therefore well aware of the problem.  Check on 2.0.7 due in incoming next
> week.

This usually means that PCMCIA modules are imcopatible with the running
kernel. Recompilation of modules (from pcmcia-source package) solves the
problem (at least, for me).

  --- Shurik.

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