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Re: advantage of new kernel 2.0.34

Previously Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> Well, our news server (Diablo, #threehundredsomething in the top1000)
> crashed regulary with all the 2.0.x kernels but with the later 2.0.34pre
> kernels it has been rock-stable.

2.0.33 regulary hangs on newer Intel chipsets. I installed Debian on a
friend's computer a week ago and the system would always hang within
the hour. Installing 2.0.34pre16 fixed everything.

Furthermore, 2.0.34 fixes a lot of security problems, not all of which
are in the Debian 2.0.33 package IIRC.

IMHO we really should put 2.0.34 in hamm. It's already been stress-tested
by a lot of people, so it shouldn't be a risk for us.


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