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Re: On adding size info to Packages files [very long]

>>"Brederlow" == Brederlow  <goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de> writes:

 Brederlow> I mean, that when a package is installed, that the
 Brederlow> recorded du tree (which is needed to calculate the size
 Brederlow> increase/decrease for updates) could be trimmed to what
 Brederlow> the users system reflects. The users system setup should
 Brederlow> be scanned and kept in a status file for speed reasons
 Brederlow> (trying all dirs for symlinks takes time) and then
 Brederlow> trimming should be fairly easy and save a lot of space. It
 Brederlow> would save the more the smaler (less partitions) the
 Brederlow> system is.

	You have a point. Hmm. The sizes file I haegv been talking
 about is analogous to the Packages/available file; we also need the
 analogue of the Status file, and it may make sense to coalesce the
 data down in the Sizes.installed file.

	However, that would make the handling of newly created
 partitions impossible (I created /usr/lib when my /usr partition was
 in danger of running out of space). Once coalesced down, there is no
 easy way of recreating the data; and since the installed Sizes file
 is of the order of 100k compressed, and the savings are unlikly to be
 more than 30-40k, I still think we should not discard data.

	Correct operation is worth more than 40k ;-)

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