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Re: On adding size info to Packages files [very long]

>>"Brederlow" == Brederlow  <goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de> writes:

 Brederlow> Would that already be a correct Packages file or would dpkg and
 Brederlow> similar scream about wrong entries? Could old dpkg's handle the new
 Brederlow> entries?

	As I mentioned elsewhere, there is no reason for this to be
 included in the Packages file. The size estimation should be
 *OPTIONAL*, and people should not have to download all the data
 unless they want the estimate.

	Moerever, the available file (and the status file) are created
 from the Packages files, and there is no reason to bloat them further
 with duplicated information, and further increase the startup time
 for programs that rread them and cache them in memory.

 Brederlow> Lets trimm those to reasonable size. Directories that are
 Brederlow> package intern will hardly be on separate
 Brederlow> partition. 

	I see little reason to go through these hueristics; I prefer
 the original proposal of creating separate files based on the depth;
 however, the raw data is there for people who want it.

 Brederlow> Theres another possibility: Normal users wont backup their
 Brederlow> System, repartition differently and restore the backup (at
 Brederlow> least not often). Also they wont move directories around
 Brederlow> and link them often. We could thus trimm the du tree down
 Brederlow> to what the current system reflects.

	Huh? what does the current system reflect? For whose machine?
 Oh, you mean everytime we download the data, we spend time mucking
 around with it and trimming it down? I think that would be very
 prohibitive on slower machines, especially since the data is only
 useful for a short time. A better approach is to download the proper
 sized size file (If all my partitions are at the top level or at the
 second level, like /usr/lib; I just download Size.2.gz; and never do
 local processing on the data).


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