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Re: Linuxconf not losing info.

On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Shaya Potter wrote:

> > does it use RCS or similar to store the previous versions? if not,
> > how hard would it be to make it do so?
> don't know, as it's been a year since I've played with it on debian.
> However, that was one of the big things I requested, and from reading
> the linuxconf web pages, it seems he has added it, though I'm not
> sure how it does it.  Why RCS? if it uses it's own system of just
> versioning the files, wouldn't that be good enough as well?

if it works, then yeah it's fine.

however, why re-invent a perfectly good wheel which happens to have lots
of compatible utilities?  e.g. various diff utils like rcsdiff and tkdiff. 

i prefer incremental, evolutionary growth built upon existing tools. 
sometimes (rarely) you have to throw out the old stuff and start afresh,
but usually not.

it's unfortunately very common for wheels to be re-invented simply because
people don't know that they already exist or how to use them, or it never
occurs to them that a tool which is well-known for one particular use
(e.g. make) is also very useful for another (e.g.  building and managing
config files instead of compiling programs) 


craig sanders

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