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Re: Linuxconf

On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Jules Bean wrote:

> > The solution of course is to extend the m4 stuff to support all the
> > things linuxconf does, but that's not so easy.  Also, note that
> > slackware didn't at last look have m4 sendmailconfig.  Another
> > example of where slackware is doing more harm than good these days
> > by not adopting things the rest of the world has... =p
> This sounds foolish to me.
> The solution is to switch to a better designed mailer (exim springs to
> mind) with easier to manage configuration.

yes, that's a perfect solution.....for those who choose to use exim.  it
does absolutely nothing at all for those who prefer to use sendmail.

BTW, the fact that you don't understand sendmail doesn't prevent others
from doing so. sendmail really isn't that difficult, and is simpler in
some ways because you don't have multiple config files scattered across
multiple directories.

sendmail.mc and the sendmailconfig script are mind-bogglingly simple to
use, and will get a working configuration for 99% of cases in a minute
or two.


craig sanders

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