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Re: Linuxconf

On Tue, Jun 02, 1998 at 11:14:45AM +0100, Jules Bean wrote:
> > The solution of course is to extend the m4 stuff to support all the things
> > linuxconf does, but that's not so easy.  Also, note that slackware didn't at
> > last look have m4 sendmailconfig.  Another example of where slackware is
> > doing more harm than good these days by not adopting things the rest of the
> > world has...  =p
> This sounds foolish to me.
> The solution is to switch to a better designed mailer (exim springs to
> mind) with easier to manage configuration.

Nah.  The biggest reason to use sendmail is that it's standard and all.  I'm
not likely to give up qmail anytime soon, but you could in theory have the
sendmail module not there and replace it with an exim module in Linuxconf if
you wanted.  I doubt with qmail's non-free state this will happen, but if it
happens with exim I might be tempted to try it.

Fact is that I couldn't figure out with smailconfig how to set up my dynamic
ip system and exim used very close to the same config program.  The first
one that did exactly what I wanted was qmail.

Granted there's fair to good chance that I could go back now and get exim to
do what I want--I've learned a few (thousand) things about smtp daemons on
*nix boxen since then.  But as easy as Linuxconf made sendmail, I know I
could configure that.  Only problem is that sendmail has still only two
modes: slow but queued and fast but not queued.  qmail and I think exim both
support queues of all messages and delivery is essentially instant.  With
qmail in fact, you can't stop messages from being queued---save a disk crash
you won't lost mail accepted by the system.  sendmail still can't promise
that, though it's gotten better.

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