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Intent to package fltk

This used to be on th WNPP but I don't see it there now.

It's a GUI toolkit originally intended to be a libForms workalike. The hope
was that it would let us move all the libforms based programs into main from
contrib. it turns out it's no longer exactly compatible because of some design
decisions by the libforms people that the fltk coder couldn't abide by. (Like
making the interface X11 specific which would kill any chance of a Windows

A little experimentation indicates it's an excellent toolkit. Attractive,
fast, flexible, powerful. It has a UI designer that lets you build your
application graphically and attach bits of code to callbacks. There's a
Windows port, so portable programs can be written that compile under Windows

It will still be possible to port libforms programs to libfltk probably quite
easily. In many cases all that's required is making a file forms.h that
includes <FL/forms.H>.

It also has OpenGL support using Mesa, but I don't really have the disk space
to install Mesa just to build it.

To be honest I kind of cheated, I've already started packaging it, I should be
able to release it tonight.


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