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Re: Debian Re-organization proposals (was: Re: so what?)

On Sun, May 31, 1998 at 10:08:43PM -0500, David Engel  wrote:
> > I'm hoping that by pointing at some of the better expressions of the
> > concept that we won't have to deal with people being confused about
> > the concept so much.  [The concept doesn't effect hamm, unless we
> > can use some variants on the idea to quickly fix remaining problems
> > in hamm, but I'm hoping that these concepts can make slink and/or
> > its successors be released sooner.]
> There has been a lot of fine discussion on the need to release more
> frequently.  I am especially pleased that this discussion didn't turn
> into a flame war like many before it.  I think the question now should
> move from "What should Debian do next?" to "What _is_ Debian going to
> do next?"

Yes, that's part of why I have not just ignored the thread.  =>  Well that
and my brilliant idea, but hey.  =>

> The following is from one of my earlier messages.  It was directed
> specifically at Ian Jackson.
> > Ian, I know Bruce left you in a tough position because of the way he
> > left, but I feel I must put you on thr spot here.  There has been talk
> > before of more frequent releases, however, and each time it was just
> > that -- talk.  What do you intend to do as current Debian leader to
> > ensure that the project doesn't fall back into its aimless wandering
> > ways like before?
> Ian has yet to reply.  I will be extremely disappointed if nothing
> comes of the fine discussion we have had.

David, I'm certain SOMETHING will come of it.  Hang in there.  If we all do,
something will get done.  I'm certainly interested and willing to help in
any capacity I can once we decide what exactly we're gonna do.  =>

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