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Re: Debian Re-organization proposals (was: Re: so what?)

On Sun, May 31, 1998 at 07:56:49AM -0400, Raul Miller wrote:
> I'm hoping that by pointing at some of the better expressions of the
> concept that we won't have to deal with people being confused about
> the concept so much.  [The concept doesn't effect hamm, unless we
> can use some variants on the idea to quickly fix remaining problems
> in hamm, but I'm hoping that these concepts can make slink and/or
> its successors be released sooner.]

There has been a lot of fine discussion on the need to release more
frequently.  I am especially pleased that this discussion didn't turn
into a flame war like many before it.  I think the question now should
move from "What should Debian do next?" to "What _is_ Debian going to
do next?"

The following is from one of my earlier messages.  It was directed
specifically at Ian Jackson.

> Ian, I know Bruce left you in a tough position because of the way he
> left, but I feel I must put you on thr spot here.  There has been talk
> before of more frequent releases, however, and each time it was just
> that -- talk.  What do you intend to do as current Debian leader to
> ensure that the project doesn't fall back into its aimless wandering
> ways like before?

Ian has yet to reply.  I will be extremely disappointed if nothing
comes of the fine discussion we have had.

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