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Re: On adding size info to Packages files [very long]


	I think we should look at the possibility of not including the
 information in either the Packages file nor the available file. The
 Du files hsould be separately kept on the archives, and they maybe
 compressed with gzip (bzip2?); and downloaded and kept in
 /var/lib/dpkg/DU.gz or something on the users machine; and they need
 only be downloaded if required by the user. Keeping this information
 separate makes using this optional.

	This minimizes space on the server, bandwidth concerns for
 everyone (specially for people who do no want the DU stuff in
 the first place but who are behind a low bandwidth connection to a
 ftp site).

	The apt script that does calculations can just as easily read
 a compressed file, and compressing it with gzip makes it quite easily
 human readable [using lessopen]).

	I see no technical advantage encoding this in Packages files
 and available file. 

	I'll even volunteer to write an apt method if Jason handles
 calling it if the user has requested; and the interface could be a 
 apt-size +<lists of packages to be installed> -<list of packages to be removed>

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