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Re: Linuxconf

On Thu, 28 May 1998, John Goerzen Linux Expo Laptop wrote:

> Now on to the main point of this message...  Linuxconf.  I was just
> at a talk about Linuxconf, and frankly, this system is WAY COOL.  As
> I was listening to the presentation, it occured to me that Linuxconf
> already has or almost has everything that would be necessary to solve
> the current packaging dilemma (postinst scripts asking questions) --
> it has native text and X interfaces, an easy programming system, etc.
> Anyway, I looked at the /var/lib/dpkg/available on my laptop which
> has hamm+slink from about a week ago and it seems like we have no
> linuxconf package.  Is this true?  Where can I find a .deb if one is
> already made?  If one is not made, let me announce right now that I
> plan to do so ASAP.

we had a version in experimental about a year ago.

> Yes, I'm quite excited. <grin>

yeah, linuxconf looks cool. if it weren't for two problems with it, i'd
use it myself and recommend it to others.

1. it replaces sysvinit with it's own bizarre startup script system.
   apparently the author has done some work on this so that it is more
   compatible with the existing sysvinit standard.

2. like all similar configuration tools that i have looked at and had the
   misfortune of using, it makes it very dangerous to edit the text file
   configuration with a text editor as nature intended :-)

neither of these two problems are insurmountable...but they can't be
ignored, they have to be fixed.

see the archives of the debian-admintool mailing list from last year.


craig sanders

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