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Re: Linuxconf

John Goerzen Linux Expo Laptop <jgoerzen@cs.twsu.edu> wrote:
> I was having troubles compiling it until somebody mentioned that it
> doesn't work with EGCS. I took a look, and for some strange reason,
> g++ in hamm is the EGCS g++ and not the GNU g++ (odd!). I will give it
> a try with the GNU g++ soon.

that's going to be easier to resolve than the dependence on X.

> My initial idea was that each package that has config info could
> provide a Linuxconf module instead of asking questions in postinst.
> The problem, though, is with binary-all packages -- being written in
> C++, Linuxconf modules are all architecture-specific and thus will
> pose some problems in this context. I do not know what a good solution
> would be at this time.

Most binary-all packages don't require much configuration. The
exceptions shouldn't be that bad.

X is a real problem, however. Also, I'm not sure about what linuxconf
does about the scalability issue. [Remember the bit we just went
through about how the administrator should be able to control where
configuration information comes from?]


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