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Re: debian-devel-digest Digest V98 #338

My attempt to install linux on an IBM PS/2 Model85 was  successful using a
Debian MCA disk set, though I'm not sure which one, off the web.  I had to
install a custom kernel, which wasnt' too hard, following clearly written
instructions on the rescue disk itself.

There seemed to be an incompatibility in versions of the drivers disks and
the rescue disk.  My rescue disk couldn't handle the drivers disk I had, due
to lack of gunzip on the root.bin image, I think, on the rescue disk.  I
tried installing gunzip myself, but couldn't grok why it didn't work. In the
end I skipped the kernel and driver installation step of the install.  This
may have resulted in my larger partition, /dev/sda3,  not being set up in
/etc/fstab.  Now I have copied /usr to the larger partition, and all seems
well.  The cdrom is recognized, though I haven't yet tried the tape drive.  

Debian's installation seemed alot easier to deal with than to try to tweak
Slackware or RedHat (for which only a VERY old kernel was available).
Perhaps this is due to familiarity.  

I was *not* able to get  an MCA-enabled kernel to work  on a debian rescue
disk off the FTP site.  I don't know why this didn't work.  

I have an old Greenbush debian CD, so now we can begin...  I look forward to
getting a new CD.

This machine is at the local Public School System office, where it is hoped
to prove capability.  The early stages were hit and miss, but now that a
booting system is on the machine, I am a bit more optimistic.  

As usual, help from a number of people on the internet was critical.  
Virtually every person whom I had contacted responded within a day.


Alan E. Davis                       Marianas High School (Science Department)     
AAA196, Box 10001    adavis@netpci.com   http://www.saipan.netpci.com/~adavis   
Saipan, MP  96950    15.16oN 145.7oE    GMT+10       Northern Mariana Islands

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