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Conflict between adduser and passwd

This was going to be a testing report on adduser, but I discovered an
undocumented conflict between two required packages:

 adduser         3.8            Add users and groups to the system.
 passwd          980403-0.2     Change and administer password and group dat

adduser overlaps the capabilities of passwd, but does not provide a
mechanism for reconciling its differences with passwd:

adduser provides a means of adding users and groups to the system with
the adduser and addgroup commands. It uses /etc/adduser.conf for its
configuration file.

passwd provides useradd and groupadd to do the same jobs; it also has
deletion programs, userdel and groupdel, which adduser does not provide,
and provides other programs to do with access and security.

passwd's configuration file is /etc/defaults/useradd.

Neither adduser's nor useradd's man page refers to the other program.

Both adduser and passwd are required packages, but useradd and adduser have
different capabilities and do not use the same configuration.  The two packages
ought to be combined into one, with the capabilities of both.

I have filed this as a bug against both packages

[I twice tried to send this message to this list and to debian-testing,
naming both in the To: line; the message was accepted by my ISP and
did not bounce, but never appeared on either list.]

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