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thought: dpkg and other dists

>I have been reading the threads talking about the "LSB" and its possible
>"endoresment" of RPM format. Some of this discussion has lead me to think
>a little more about our own dpkg and the problems of multiple
>distributions using the same package format
>(ie the idea of an SuSE user downloading RedHat sysvinit and figureing
>that an RPM is an RPM and installing it)

>The problem here (as someon else stated) is that when multiple dists
>use the same package format it only gives a "false sense of
>My thought is that a package managment system needs to take this into
>AFAIK no such field currently exists in the deb format (if I am wrong
>then I am sure I will be told) so I would propose the addition of
>a "distribution" field in the control file.

According to 'Maximum RPM' The Preamble section of an RPM file has a
'Distribution TAG' for this very purpose.

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