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Re: gcc miscompiles libc6 2.0.7pre1-4

On Fri, May 29, 1998 at 05:52:33AM -0600, Philippe Troin wrote:
> > OK. There's now gcc in Incoming; I'd appreciate confirmation
> > that this version can compile a working glibc.
> >From a quick test, it seems to compile ok glibc.
> Could we get a summary of the changes between and
> which broke gcc ?

Not from me. They were entered into the changelog as "alpha patches", and
according to Galen came from Michael Alan Dorman.

AFAIK, getting them in again isn't necessary as egcs' gcc is now the primary
compiler on Alpha.

> And what you did to undo it ?

I found the diff for on my harddisk somewhere, built a
tree from it, ran a recursive diff between it an, and used those
parts that didn't affect the compiler's C code as the basis for

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